Pack & Ship

Pack & Ship
Packaging and Shipping

Authorized FedEx Ship Center

Ink Spot is an authorized ship center for FedEx. If you simply have a drop off package with prepaid shipping label, you are able to leave it with us for the driver to pick up. Pickups are made daily (Monday – Friday).

If you wish to ship a package via FedEx, we will type up the address and print out the appropriate bar-coded label for you. You do NOT have to pre-address the package. Once you ship with INK SPOT, we will have that address saved in our database for future shipments so you don’t have to try and remember all those important addresses. We will remember for you!

Need Packaging and Shipping Supplies?

Ink Spot has a wide variety of boxes. Sizes from coffee mug all the way to bicycles are available. We have the proper cushioning materials too... bubble wrap, packing peanuts and air pillows. When it comes to sealing up that package, we offer packing tape in clear and opaque as well as tape dispensers (big and small). OR, let us do the work and pack your items for a nominal fee.

Monday - Friday
FedEx Ground:
by 3:30pm
FedEx Express:
by 4:30pm